A note from the Editor in Chief on the 2014 Reader's Choice Awards
Created by EBush on 12/9/2013 8:20:30 PM

We are listening. Do you have an opinion about what categories should be in the 2014 SpC Reader's Choice Awards? The suggestion box.... IS OPEN!


I had the opportunity to meet this weekend with Aloysius Fox, Con Chair of Steampunk Empire Symposium. He's rather generously offered to Steampunk Chronicle a wonderful space to hold the Announcements and Award Ceremony for the 2014 Steampunk Chronicle -  Reader's Choice Awards. I have to admit, I'm tickled. But, as I made the long drive home from Cincinnati and beautifully storyboarded the April event in my head, I realized how much the steam-cart is before its iron horse here. We have many steps between HERE and THERE -- and the most important one is hearing from our READERS.
Last year, we got a lot of feedback from readers on CATEGORIES, specifically, suggestions for where we can expand. Let me explain how this works. SpC has a number of editors, and each editor takes charge of creating the categories for his or her assigned area. THIS is the only "influence" that SpC editors have in the Reader's Choice awards. I have given each editor free rein to select the categories. I encourage them to listen to the suggestions that come to us -- but in the end, THE EDITORS CHOSE THE CATEGORIES THAT GET PLACED IN THE SpC RCA NOMINATIONS PHASE. No one should get their bloomers in a twist if they make a suggestion for a category and their suggestion is not taken up. With that said -- we are listening. 
NOW -- THIS WEEK is the time to suggest a category for the nominations phase. We will be making our final list of nominee categories BEFORE the end of the year, and will open the nominations in January. 
How do you make a suggestion?Well - we recommend that you look at the categories that ALREADY EXIST. Look here. Then, give us your opinion in the SUGGESTION BOX
You have until the 18th of December, 2013, to make your suggestions, then our editors will be deaf to your pleas. They may take many suggestions -- or none at all. BUT, we thank you for taking the time to have an opinion and for sharing it with Steampunk Chronicle.
Yours truly,
Emilie P. Bush
Editor in Chief
Steampunk Chronicle
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