Oh those Lovely Lies!
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Music correspondent Mister M gives a look at 'Lovely Lies', the latest video from The Extraordinary Contraptions!


Those Extraordinary Contraptions are a pesky passel o’ varmints riling up good folk! They even have the unmitigated effrontery to capture their misdeeds in a video for “Lovely Lies” off their album “The Time Traveler’s Constant.”

Stay tuned EC VIDEO

Constant thorn in the side of decent churchgoers is what I’d say! The Travelers make their way to an Old West Festival town to exchange their lovely musical lies for supplies. What do they do but harass the locals! They pick pockets, blow up an outhouse and abscond with a pretty young maiden. There are whips, ropes and guns, although these are the trick kind. There’s even a sword swallower with a motorized sword. Lascivious rapscallions!

It makes you wonder what kind of piracy they would get up to if there were a video for “Periscope Down” (although they have a nautical one for “Prelude to the Nocturnis.”)

Prof. Dimitri von Stadberg of the band took the time to answer a few questions. Even the lowest of roustabouts has a good side!

“Lovely Lies” certainly was rootin'-tootin'! Where was it filmed?

We filmed at two locations: at the Old West Festival outside of Cincinnati, OH and at a historic train engine on display in downtown Huntington, WV. We were already in both places for performances so we planned to use these excellent nearby locations to make the video.

Who was the trick roper, and how did you get in contact with him?

That trick roper is multi-time world champion Rider Kiesner. He just happened to be working at the Old West Festival and was very excited to participate in the making of our video. Having his skills as a resource greatly helped us determine the shape the video would take.

How long did it take to make the video?

The "Lovely Lies" video was some time in the making. We first played at the old West Festival and near that train back in 2011 and knew that we needed to do something cool in both those locations. So we planned for the video while we were recording the last album. Photography took place in the fall of 2012 and we've been editing and preparing with photographer/co-director Brad Bear since then.

How did the band choose "Lovely Lies" as the video?

We knew we wanted to release videos for the new album that featured each of the band's three lead singers. "Lovely Lies" was the natural choice to showcase Ms. Bostwick. We had the Old West Festival and Huntingon locations sitting in our back pockets waiting for the right song to inspire us and we just brainstormed until we came up with the winning combination of those locations, Sharon's romping tune, and a bit of trademark Contraptions mischief to tie it all together.

I noticed horses and explosions. Were any animals and/or steampunks injured in the course of making the film?

No animals or steampunks were injured in any way in the making of this moving picture! Oh, except Aelus may have chipped a tooth nomming on that wallet. But I'm pretty sure it grew back. He's fine now. Well, as fine as he ever is.

How do you feel that videos fit in with a band's sense of performance? Do you think that they need to represent the band as live performers?

I think it's important for music video's to accurately reflect a band's creative vision, whatever that happens to be. As an ensemble, we're very performance-driven. We put on a pretty flamboyant live show. We try to maintain that energy and sense of fun from our stage shows when we're in front of the camera. Other ensembles may have a different focus, and their creative output is necessarily going to take a different tack. We think this creative diversity is necessary, both to satisfy a very broad and diverse audience, and also to give artists the opportunity to cross-pollinate and learn from each other!

When and where will the video be released?

The video's official release was Saturday, April 27 2013 at the awards ceremony for the Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards, occurring at the Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati, OH. ((Editor’s note: THIS, the finale to the awards program, was a hit with the assembled crowd!))

The Time Traveler’s Constant is available at The Extraordinary Contraptions’ bandcamp page.



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