Backing Steam: The Artifice Club Goes Global
Created by ApprenticeLiesel on 3/11/2013 11:21:11 PM

Media Editor Liesel Hindmann focuses on The Artifice Club going non-profit for March's Backing Steam!


Hello readers, and welcome back to Backing Steam! February was a great month for Cowboys & Engines, with the film raising $114,758 for production and adding Richard Hatch and Malcolm McDowell to the cast! Congrats to the crew and I cannot wait to see the final product!


This month is a bit more local to me and very close to my heart. If you're part of the Atlanta steampunk community or aware of my predecessor Doctor Q, you've probably heard of The Artifice Club. Founded in 2010, the Club has been responsible for many of the must attend retrofuturistic events in Atlanta and has been focused on giving a spotlight to many of the wonderful artists that populate our community. The past three years though? Just the tip of the iceberg.


Recently, the Club launched a Kickstarter in order to help fund the transition from a for-profit group to a 501(c)(3) Arts Organization. What does that mean? It means that the Artifice Club will be able to expand from the Atlanta community to the world at large, support more artists in our community, and hold even bigger events! But first comes the hurdle of legal fees. 


Which is where the Kickstarter comes in.


With a goal of $3,500, the Club is looking to raise the bare minimum to start the conversion process. At the time of writing, the Club has already raised 78% of its goal! And with 25 days to go! Don't let this early jump stop you from funding though because there is PLENTY of incentive to help the Club reach its stretch goals. The Grimm Gear Gala in the Fall, The Artifice Express in 2014, and the potential for the Artifice Club to really go global!


If the overage goals aren't enough motivation for you, the rewards are even better. T-shirts, event admissions, prints from Dim Horizon Studios, props made by Smeeon Props and Aegis Steamcraft, and custom short stories! Of course, if you're like me, you'll be most interested in the Aural Appreciation Membership level, which includes a compilation CD of many of the bands featured at Artifice Club events! Blair Crimmins, Megan Jean, Hellblinki, Unwoman... It's hard to say no to that! And that's just who's been announced so far!


The Artifice Club's Kickstarter ends on April 6. Be sure to watch the video to see some familiar faces from Steampunk Chronicle!


That's it for March. Be sure to come back in April for more projects, but for now, may your steampower always have back up.


Liesel Hindmann is the Steampunk Chronicle’s Media Editor and Backing Steam columnist. She is the Assistant Operator of Internal Machinations for The Extraordinary Contraptions and considers herself a lover of media from multiple dimensions. You can follow her on Twitter as well as her blog: The Diary of a Dimension Hopper.

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