Backing Steam: Making The West That Never Was
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Media Editor Liesel Hindmann focuses on film Cowboys & Engines for February's Backing Steam!


Hello, and welcome to February's Backing Steam! It's been a year already since I began writing these columns, and I just want to start by thanking all of you for reading Backing Steam every month!


January was a bit of a nailbiter for the Cross Country Tour to Steamstock, but they pulled it through. With $10,611 raised, not only will the tour be happening, but they will be taking the fantastic Doctor Q along as tour manager! The opening date will also be happening in Atlanta, so you can be guarenteed that Steampunk Chronicle will be covering it.


This month, we're keeping it brief, but it's kind of excellent. Running on Kickstarter currently is a big film project called Cowboys & Engines. An independent film written and directed by Bryn Pryor, the team behind Cowboys & Engines is setting out to make a film set in an 1876 that never was. The film will star Jeffrey Cannata, Libby Letlow, Ricco Ross, and Walter Koenig. Yes, THAT Walter Koenig. The synopsis is as follows:



"Cowboys & Engines is an ambitious steampunk adventure that follows Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata), the war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas as he meets Guinivere Wheeler (Libby Letlow), a woman who proves to be as dangerous as she is charming. When they encounter Professor Nicholas Timéon (Walter Koenig), and learn that his temporal engine, a machine with incredible destructive power, has been stolen by would-be conqueror Dr. Clay, Cade and Guinivere set off to save San Francisco from total destruction."


The film is trying to raise $100,000 and at the time of writing is at $43,287. There are plenty of great incentives to be had to encourage you to pitch in to help them get to their goal. Digital downloads of the film, script and press kit, map of the world the movie is set in, exclusive DVDs and Blu-Rays, models of the rocket from the film, and even more!


Funding for the project ends on March 9.


That's it for this month! Next month will bring more projects, but for now, may your steampower always have backup.


Liesel Hindmann is the Steampunk Chronicle’s Media Editor and Backing Steam columnist. She is the Assistant Operator of Internal Machinations for The Extraordinary Contraptions and considers herself a lover of media from multiple dimensions. You can follow her on Twitter as well as her blog: The Diary of a Dimension Hopper.

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