Airship Tales: Introducing Airship Archon
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John Strangeway returns for his next installment of Airship Tales, this time profiling the Airship Archon! 

Photo By: Sarah HansPhotos By: Sarah Hans

Traveling across the vast wastelands on foot is about as exciting as picking all the sand out of my exposed gears.  Maybe these airship pirate fellas have the right idea.  And don’t even ask what happened to my jetpack. Damn thing nearly drowned me.  But moving along out of Texas I come to find myself welcome to the hospitality of one Captain Anthony LaGrange of the Airship Archon.  Here is some info I was able to coax from him…


SpC:   So Tony, what is the official name of your airship as you call yourselves?

Cap. Anthony LaGrange [AL]:       The Airship Archon

SpC:   Feel free to list the crew names of your airship. You can list their real names as well but its not required.


Photo By: Sarah Hans

AL:      With the amount of people we have the ship I would fill up a page listing names. Our Facebook page has a running list of members.


Some of our most active members include, but are not limited to just these people. Preferred names are listed, sometimes real, sometimes personas:

Captain Anthony LaGrange, Sally Van Eycke, Sarah Hans (Melora Dashwood), Jan Dennison, Omar Akkari, David Voderberg, TerAnn Voderberg, Jennilee Cookman, Shawna, Betty Anne Lickman, Steve Lickman, Malia Lickman, David Pitstick, Corrielle Riddel, and David Maxwell.

SpC:   What inspired you to create your Airship?

AL:      A group of us got together for an event called Gothcoming back in 2008 that happened to be Steampunk themed. We enjoyed the aesthetic and feel of the movement so much I suggested we start a group, with that the Archon was born and I was deemed captain for starting the group. Many of us were already costumers, so it seemed like a natural progression.

SpC:   What are the main focuses of your airship's theme?

AL:      To promote the Steampunk subculture and community while creating a group with a strong knowledge base and friendly demeanor.

SpC:   How many people are in your airship?

AL:      Officially 116 with about 20 fully active members and 30 part-time.

SpC:   Who "leads" the creative direction of the airship?

AL:       I am Captain of the Archon and make most of the decisions for the group as far as our direction. I am assisted in this by my lieutenants Sally Van Eycke and Sarah Hans (aka Melora Dashwood) who help with event planning and crew management.

SpC:   Are you currently looking for new members?

AL:      We are always looking for new members! The Archon is an open and inviting group for anyone interested in the Steampunk subculture and community. We know that some people can’t always attend every event so we aren’t rigorous in our standards for becoming a member. Perhaps if we move on to a non-profit group type, we may denote who is a paying/active member but that is reserved for some time in the future.

SpC:   What has been the biggest challenge with keeping the airship going?

AL:      I would say the biggest challenge is finding fun and affordable things to do as a group. With so many people it can be hard to meet everyone’s time and money restrictions but we seem to make it work. We do a variety of events like picnics, movies, photos shoots, build days and of course public speaking guests at conventions. We have something for everyone to enjoy and a lot of them are family friendly.

SpC:   What is your next big event?

AL:      Our next big event will be helping out our close friends in the League of Cincinnati Steampunks (headed by the wonderful Aloysius Fox) with the Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

SpC:   What is the best way for interested parties to follow your group?
Facebook? Twitter?

AL:      www.Airship, or our Facebook Group, Steampunk Empire Group, or Yahoo Group(Click the corresponding links for more information.)


Another crew down, hundreds more to get to.  Who is next on this list?  And why don’t I have a decent set of wheels to get around…Maybe a Vette…no way, that’s too overdone.  If you have an Airship crew and want the rest of the readers to get to know you better, email:

Till next time, pray I don’t get a bounty on you….


John Strangeway is the man in the suit (most of the time) for Steampunk Boba Fett He is a writer for the Steampunk Chronicle as well as the Promotions & Media head for Penny Dreadful Productions.

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